After months of travel across the U.S., and many weeks of deep edits, “The After Hours Club” is just over a week from debuting! Our six episodes cover a wide range of topics related to death in America. First up: a look at the aspects familiar to most people. Funerals and burial. In this episode we delve into the secrets of embalming and the funeral industry, with candid interviews featuring students in the mortuary sciences program at Delgado Community College in New Orleans. We also take a look at cemeteries ranging from small and privately-owned to grand historic burial grounds. And we explore alternative burial customs, including home funerals and green burials. Catch the premier of “The After Hours Club” Thursday October 19th here on our website!

The club is now open!

Filming for the debut season of The After Hours Club is well underway. Our exploration of death, and what it means in America, has already taken us to New Orleans, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Philadelphia, Asheville, and Jacksonville, Alabama. We have a lot more cities to visit before our first episode airs this fall.

From the dozens of interviews we’ve already conducted, one thing is clear: people who know death intimately, working with it on a day-to-day basis, say most of YOU are in the dark about a lot of it. From step-by-step explanations of embalming, to the incredible pressures that coroners and death investigators face, to Buddhist beliefs about life and death (Nirvana is NOT what you think), we’re uncovering the truth bit by bit.
We’ll be updating you throughout the summer as our journey continues. Stay tuned for more details about our adventures.
 In the meantime, welcome to The After Hours club.