New Orleans is a city where life… and death… are experienced to the hilt. We were able to step outside the excitement for a bit to interview a man who’s spent his entire life contemplating theĀ meaning of life. Venerable Tsering Phuntsok is a Tibetan Buddhist monk whose visit to the city coincided with ours.

He spoke about the Buddhist view of death, which is a very practical approach: We all have to face death one day, and remembering that is the greatest meditation in Buddhism. While we are alive, we should pay special attention to what we’re doing, how we treat others, and be wary of getting too attached to worldly thing, because all things are impermanent.

Tsering’s approach was nothing short of enlightening for all of us. You can see our interview with him in our fourth episode, “Through A Mirror Darkly,” which deals with the views of death held by several non-mainstream religions. It airs November 9 right here on The After Hours Club website!