Christian Monckeberg is a rapidly-rising name in the Atlanta video and television production scene. He is director of photography, co-producer, co-director and co-host of “The After Hours Club”. His expertise behind the camera and creative input, as well as his on-camera charisma, are equally apparent in the series.  A fully licensed drone pilot with hundreds of flying hours under his belt, Christian adds new perspective to the series with amazing aerial shots. As owner of the Atlanta-based production company MTechProMedia, he has cultivated an impressive client list that includes national clients such as Hyundai, the Make A Wish Foundation, and Lexis Nexis, as well as regionally recognized names like the TV show “Atlanta Eats”. Christian also co-hosts “The Powerful Nerdcast” with “After Hours Club” team member Cory Miller. Their podcast has more than 22,000 YouTube subscribers to date.