Death has a wide audience. There have been plenty of things written about death, movies that feature death as the main plot element, and of course, TV shows that deal with death. Among them is the A&E series “The Killing Season,” produced by Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills. It profiles a strong of murders where victims were dumped near Giglo Beach in Long Island. To this day, the culprit or culprits have yet to be caught.

We were pleased to interview Joshua as part of our second episode, “That Darkly Shining Abyss.” Serial killers are among the topics we discuss in that episode. Joshua gave us plenty of insight into what he and Rachel found out about serial killers in the U.S., including some disturbing new trends that indicate serial killing is on the rise, and one particular segment of society is more vulnerable to these predators.

You can catch “That Darkly Shining Abyss” on October 26 right here on The After Hours Club website.