Did you ever have one of those days when you just needed a hangman’s noose and realized there wasn’t ANYWHERE nearby where public hangings take place? No? Well, step into our shoes for a moment.

One of the hurdles documentarians often face is finding just the right image to help illustrate what’s being talked about in a particular scene. Now sure, we could show you a picture of a noose. That’s taking the easy way out.

We decided to take the not-so-easy way out to get the perfect shots. Sometimes that means setting the stage ourselves. (Really, a Google search for “gallows near me” is very unproductive.) Fortunately, our production company MTechProMedia has its own studio space, which we were able to use to film a lot of the quick atmospheric shots you see throughout our series, not to mention our on-camera narrations.  Of course, the shot above looks a little simplified, but believe us, when the right lighting and filming techniques are applied, it’s definitely a memorable shot. To see the end result, of course, you’ll have to check out our series! Prize awarded to the first person who emails us when they see the noose! Catch all of our episodes right here on afterhoursclub.tv