We traveled to The Big Easy for some big interviews. Among them: students in the mortuary sciences program at Delgado Community College. This school has one of the finest and most thorough mortuary science programs in the country.

During our interviews, Milton Motichek gave us a step-by-step demonstration of the embalming process. Please note, that IS a mannequin. When we began this journey, we decided that we wouldn’t hesitate to film a real embalming if the opportunity arose. We’re all about keeping it real. Midnight knocks on the door from the police… not so much. The mannequin proved to be more than adequate.

While embalming is a standard procedure in most funerals in the U.S., most people don’t know exactly what that entails. Fair warning: the truth may shock and disturb you.

This segment airs in our debut episode, “Into That Good Night,” which includes the candid interviews about the funeral industry from the students at Delgado, visits to cemeteries small and large in New Orleans and Atlanta, and a look at alternative burial options such as home funerals and green burials.

“Into That Good Night” airs on Thursday, October 19th, and you can watch it and all our episode right here on afterhoursclub.tv