It’s tempting to keep discussions about death theoretical. But there are times when the conversation has to get real. One of those times is when you or a loved one are diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a limited time to live.

For many people, this mere mention of hospice care brings up images of cold, sterile environments where people only go to die. We found out otherwise when we went to Cleveland, where The Hospice of the Western Reserve opened their doors to us and gave us unprecedented access to staff, patients, and their families. We were moved by the commitment all of the staff showed to ensuring that patients have dignity and quality of life, even if that life is limited to months rather than years. In the pictures above, you see us speaking with a staff member, as well as an example of the beautiful grounds that Hospice of the Western Reserve keeps at its in-patient facilities to provide a peaceful environment for patients and their families.

Our third episode, “Angels Among Us”, airs on November 2 here on The After Hours Club website. This is one conversation you should definitely join, as we talk about the way end of life care can, and should, be handled for everyone.