Our cross-country journey to learn more about death in America got off to a powerful start with a cross-border trip: from Georgia to Alabama. There we interviewed Joseph Scott Morgan, a former medicolegal death investigator and author of the gripping book “Blood Beneath My Feet”¬†After spending years working for Medical Examiner’s offices in New Orleans and Atlanta, Joseph is now teaching at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama.

Joseph shared powerful and moving stories about his experiences seeing the worst humanity has to offer, from cold-blooded murder to even colder-blooded neglect of the vulnerable. The experiences changed him forever, and our interview with him changed us as well.

But it wasn’t all about blood-and-guts stories of crimes, accidents, and those who died with no one. Joseph is a warm, engaging man with a quick sense of humor and a keen insight into what will satiate a hungry crew after a hard day of filming. In Jacksonville, that means BBQ!

Joseph’s gripping interview is a lynchpin for our second episode, entitled “That Darkly Shining Abyss.” In it, we explore how death becomes a fixation for many people: as entertainment, as a sexual turn-on, and in the case of serial killers, potentially as a form of leisure.

“That Darkly Shining Abyss” airs Thursday October 26th. You can catch it right here on afterhoursclub.tv