Morgan St. Knight is the creator, executive producer, host and co-director of The After Hours Club, which has become the perfect opportunity to combine his passion for all things dark with hisĀ extensive experience in non-fiction television producing and writing. Morgan worked for 25 years at the CNN networks as a writer, copy editor, and producer, contributing to editorial coverage of historic events including the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Morgan has spent most of his life studying a wide variety of arcane subjects, from the death rituals of various world religions to new discoveries in physics that align surprisingly closely with world views and cosmological paradigms held by ancient cultures centuries ago. He believes open discussions about topics such as death will help society and individuals develop a more balanced outlook on life. Morgan is also the author of the paranormal fantasy novel “Curse of Prometheus: a tale of Medea”.