New Orleans was one of our favorite stops during our cross-country journey to explore death in America. It’s steeped in history and mystery. Outside of Haiti, no other place on the planet is more closely linked to Voodoo (sometimes spelled Vodou) than the Crescent City.

Of course, there’s plenty of pandering to tourists when it comes to Voodoo, but beyond the shops selling trinkets, you can find the real thing in New Orleans. We were invited to the temple run by Sallie Ann Glassman, a long-time practitioner and initiated mambo. There was no denying the aura of mystery and spirituality amid the altars to various lwa (Voodoo spirits). This is a behind-the-scenes shot of Christian and Morgan with Sallie before the interview began. Sallie explained the view of death that many followers of the religion hold. She wove a beautiful tapestry which revealed a mystical realm populated with spirits who are no longer bound by the chains of this world, and yet are still intimately connected with it, and willing to reach out and lend help to those who ask. It was a memorable interview, which provides a unique perspective on the views of death held by non-mainstream religions.

You can see her interview, and many others from religions you may not have even heard of, in Episode 4 of “The After Hours Club”, entitled “Through A Mirror Darkly”. Catch it and all of our other episodes on this website,