Into that good night

Our in-depth look at death in America opens with an exploration of the funeral industry; From embalmers and funeral home workers, to those who work in cemeteries and those who offer alternatives such as green cemeteries and home funerals, we delve into what happens to most of us when we die in America.

That darkly shining abyss

Death holds strange fascination for many. For some, it's entertainment. For others, an erotic stimulant. And for a few, the act of killing may even be a form of recreation. Do we really understand just how intertwined death has become within our lives? And do we understand that may be a heavy price to pay when we dance with death too often, and too long? 

Angels Among Us

What does the word "hospice" mean to you? All too often, people have a limited view, seeing hospice as a place where people simply go to die. Join us as we take a closer look at a hospice facility that puts the emphasis on quality of life, rather than simply the end of life, for both patients AND their loved ones.

Through a mirror darkly

Every religion has a concept about death. In this episode, we explore some of the less mainstream religions, speak with a practicing Necromancer, and get a preview of the death of the universe.

This Mortal Coil

Death in many forms is woven into our culture. In this episode we take a look at collectors, creators, and creatures of the night.

an untimely frost

Suicide is one of the most sensitive topics in America. It's often swept under the rug or whispered about in hushed tones. In our Season 1 finale, we bring the conversation out into the open with compelling stories from suicide attempt survivors, those who have lost loved ones to suicides, and activists trying to smash the stigma.